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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with one of a kind handmade products, created by artisans using fair working practices. We promote the  preservation of traditional techniques in styles for today. Most of our artisans are men and women living in a variety of rural communities in the high Andes of Peru. They work in small  individually owned cottage industries using techniques handed down for generations. Each artisan is paid their full asking price for their product. No child labor is ever used in the creation of our  products.


Our products illustrate the fine art of handcrafting. We love using and preserving techniques such as carving, knitting,  crocheting, skills that have been handed down from our ancestors. Development of modern products using these skills ensures the creation of sustainable business for our artisan's families. Each product is a work of art having been created individually, nothing is mass produced.

Why Andean Hands? 

Andean Hands means "Manos Andinas" the Andes is the place where our alpaca yarn, gourds, stones, come from. All our raw materials are transformed into unique pieces of art all made entirely by hand. From our Manos Andinas  (Andean Hands) to yours, we want to give our customer a little piece of the arts of the Andes of Peru. 

Is Andean Hands a fair trade organization? 

Andean Hands supports the principles of fair trade. I am dedicated to making sure that all the artisans I work with receive a fair and living wage for their lovely products. I personally travel to the artist's villages, meet their families and start making the products. 

Thank for supporting our Andean Hands artisans.

Ania Hawley


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