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Meet the Founder

Hello, my name is Ania Hawley.  I was born in the Andes of Peru. The journey to this point started from a very early age when I went with my parents on various volunteer projects into rural communities in the Andes providing service, food and toys for children. At the age of eight I began interacting with some of the artisans we would meet and became fascinated with the work they did.

After I graduated from the Merchant Marine School of Peru, I had the opportunity to travel on business all around Peru as well as many other countries in Central and South America. I was in constant contact with a variety of manufacturers for work; many of them small artisan entrepreneurs. Many times I visited small cottage industries in rural communities, sometimes in dangerous areas and almost always where people do not have even basic services. When I visited these areas I saw a great deal of poverty and I felt so sad, especially for the children. I wanted to find some way to help.

andean hands artisansSometimes life has interesting twists and turns. While in Peru I met my future husband: a Peace Corps volunteer. I moved to the United States two years ago, and we were soon married. Along with the challenges of starting life in a new country, I dedicated my time to learn how to  create a sustainable business in Delaware. So I started making some designs that can be adapted to handmade techniques like embroidery, weaving, carving to maintain a connection with the artisans. 

I believe every single person has a purpose in  life, and I believe that we all can help make the world a better place for others creating a culture of kindness. I want to do my best to make it this  happen.

Thanks for reading - I hope you enjoy this little history about me and Andean Hands!


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